If you have a question that is not addressed below, please send us an EMAIL or give us a call at 786-563-3254.  We ALWAYS return calls/emails PROMPLTY!

What is your commission structure?
We offer 2 different 100% Commisison plans. You can sign up right now and you can start selling today!!!

Plan 1

$39.99 per month – billed each month with a 6 month committment


Plan 2

$59.95 per month billed monthly, no Committment


Do you have Errors and Omissions Insurance?
YES!!! We are insured with an AM BEST A-Rated Insurance Carrier. You can be assured that we will always carry adequate amounts of insurance. Our insurance includes free legal support, agent-owned property coverage, and the lowest available deductible of $2500.

How are you different than other “100%” or “e” brokers?
We actually do as we promise, offer incredible support, have no hidden fees, and offer the highest commission in Florida. Just because you earn 100% Commission, does not mean you should sacrifice support. We offer 100% Commission and 100% support.


What do I do If I have a question or a problem?
All of our agents have DIRECT access to the broker daily from 9am – 8pm, EVEN WEEKENDS! All inquiries are answered within 3 hours. All of our agents also have access to our FREE “Stress Less” legal hotline. The level of support we offer is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Are there any hidden fees?
NO! We offer exactly what we advertise. No Penalties, Hidden Fees, Startup Fees, Quit Fees, etc.

How much will it cost to join Caplan Realty Group?
After becoming affiliated with Caplan Realty Group there are no obligations for upfront costs.

I currently have a transaction in escrow, do I have to wait for it to close?
There is many different answers to this question. It all depends on your employment agreement with your current broker. Our agreement allows our agents to take their business with them if they decide to move. Most agreements allow you to leave and still earn your commission as long as you complete all of your duties.

Does Caplan Realty Group do property management or loans? No. We are a Real Estate sales company. Our agents are permitted to do listings, sales, and leases.

When I close a transaction, when will I get paid?
Most of our agents get paid DIRECTLY from escrow. The only requirement is that we have a complete file uploaded prior to close of escrow.

How do I turn in my forms and documents?
We have a cloud based system where file sharing is secure and password protected. Each agent a unique login and password to view all current and closed translations and upload/download forms.

How long does it take to become affiliated with Caplan Realty Group?
We can have the paperwork completed in as little as 15 minutes. The advancements in technology have given us the luxury of completing the required paperwork in a very quick manner.

Can I change commission plans after I start?
Yes. To change between commission plans, you must have closed at least 1 transaction and been on your current plan for at least 6 months.

Do I have to be located near the corporate office?
NO! We are licensed to conduct business in all of Florida and have agents throughout the entire state. We can complete most of our transactions through our online transaction management program or Fax/E-mail/Mail Etc. Our mode of operation allows agents to work from wherever they choose and enjoy the benefits of an increased commission split.

Do you have a physical office?
Yes, Our Corporate Office is located at 3050 Biscayne Blvd Suite 403 Miami, FL 33137. Agents are free to use the office for mail, pick up/drop off, business address, faxing, copies, etc. Our philosophy is by minimizing overhead we are able to offer our agents MUCH HIGHER commission splits.

We give you access to marketing materials and templates that you can use all the time.

What Does Caplan Realty charge if I do a BPO?
On plans 1 and 2, we give you 100% commission on your BPO orders.

Does Realty Source hire new agents?
Yes,, but we prefer that you are mentored by another agent.

Are there any sales minimums at Caplan Realty Group?
NO! At Caplan Realty Group we understand that all of our agents are hard working self motivated individuals. We DO NOT have any sales minimums or sales quotas.

Are there any weekly office meetings?
NO! We feel that our agents are busy enough as it is. We do not require attendance at any weekly or monthly meetings. We do have occasional meetings to discuss changes to our business and any form/law changes if needed. We conduct our meetings via online conferencing.

Is there a bonus for referring an agent to Caplan Realty  Group?
YES! For every agent you refer to Caplan Realty Group, you receive a BONUS every year that the agent remains with the company.

Are there any advertising requirements?
We require that the Caplan Realty Group logo be displayed on any advertisement materials our agents use while engaging in real estate activity. The Department of Real Estate also requires that ones license number is also on all  marketing.

Who do you use for signs?
We use Dee Signs (888-791-SIGN). They stock our standard company sign. If you would like to have a custom sign made, please contact them for pricing. You are free to use the sign provider of your choice.

Can I determine what commission percentage I charge?
It is up to each individual agent to determine what the appropriate commission rate is for each transaction. However, we are not a discount brokerage; we are a full service real estate company.

Do I have to use a specific Title Insurance Company, Escrow Office, or Home Warranty Company?
You have the right to choose who you would like to use. We do not believe in “In-House” escrows or lenders. These services are just another difficult requirement (income stream) many traditional brokers have. We urge all of our agents to develop working business relationships with various vendors to help serve their client’s needs better. We have a great relationship and trust A1A Title Services. 305-672-9544 They are fast and have been doing commercial and residential closings for over 10 years.

What Type of License do I need?
You will need a Salesperson, or Brokers license, in good standing, issued by the Florida DBPR

If I have a question on a transaction, who do I contact?
For all questions regarding real estate transactions, you can reach Jenifer Caplan, Broker  e-mail at